Cold and Semi-cold Asphalt Plants (MX)


Kalottikone Ltd.’s MX product family is been developed in cooperation with asphalt-manufacturing companies to meet the requirements for contractors. Therefore, Kalottikone Ltd MX cold and semi-cold asphalt plant is well known for its reliability, simple use and maintenance and for quick and easy portability. MX plants lifetime operating cost is the most competitive solution.

Kalottikone Ltd.’s MX product design is compact and highly portable. Plant components are typically towable semi-trailer units. Erection takes in place using the machine’s own hydraulic legs and any necessary lifting is done with a light truck-mounted crane or a wheel loader.

MX mixing plants are used to produce asphalt and cement concrete mixtures and for asphalt stabilization. MX plants are based on batch process, having production capacity from 160 tons up to 220 tons per hour. Batch size is from three to 4.5 tons, depending of the size of the mixing unit. MX 540 C is a continuous-type plant, with a capacity of 540 t/h.

Cold mixtures are produced without heating, but alternatively these plants can equipped with EcoTurbo™ -heating system. EcoTurbo™ heating system produces 300 ºC air steam, which heats up raw aggregates and finally the asphalt mass temperature up to 90 °C. This temperature enables the production of soft-bitumen asphalt mixtures. In Scandinavia, these mixtures represent 35% of all produced asphalt volume. Beside of soft bitumen, it is possible to use harder binders in the form of emulsions as well.

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