Hot Asphalt Plants (Hot Mix)

Kalottikone Ltd.’s Hot Mix products is been developed in cooperation with asphalt-manufacturing companies to meet the requirements for contractors. Therefore, Kalottikone Ltd Hot Mix asphalt plant is well known for its reliability, simple use and maintenance and for quick and easy portability. Hot Mix plants lifetime operating cost is the most competitive solution.

Hot Mix plants are based on batch process, having production capacity from 160 tons up to 220 tons per hour. Batch size is from two to 4.5 tons, depending of the size of the mixing unit.

Hot Mix plants made by Kalottikone Ltd. are portable semi-trailer units, which makes it easy and fast to transport whenever needed. There is no need for any cranes at site to erect Hot Mix plant. Kalottikone Ltd.’s Hot Mix plant installation time at site is invincible compared to any other asphalt plant manufacturer in the market. Fast installation time and mobility enables cost effective transfer closer to actual pavement work area. Shorter asphalt mass transfer routes will increase the quality of pavement, there are less grading and sorting. For pavement contractor, this means less reclamations and faster pavement work.

Kalottikone Ltd. manufactures all Hot Mix asphalt plant modules; cold feeder, drying- and screening drum, mixing unit, bag house, filler silos, conveyors and PLC based automation with control cabin. Hot Mix asphalt plant is a turnkey solution with test runs and operator training. Kalottikone Ltd. also manufactures hot mass silos and bitumen tanks as accessories. Kalottikone Ltd. can also manufacture tailor-made mobile and stationary asphalt plants, accordingly to customer requests and specifications.

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