Kalottikone Ltd

Kalottikone Oy was founded in 1982 for the development and manufacturing of machines and equipment for production of asphalt concrete mixtures used in road paving, and for reparation of pavements. Later, development was expanded to remixer stabilisers for increasing the bearing capacity of the road base using bitumen stabilisation.

Thermal desorption equipment makes it possible to clean soil contaminated with oil products and other hydrocarbons. The equipment can also clean soil containing for example, dioxin.

The equipment produced by Kalottikone Oy is well known for its durability, flexible mobility and easy access, as well as for low maintenance costs and excellent productivity.

Kalottikone Ltd is a part of SavaGroup enterprises.

The Big Idea

As Kalottikone Oy’s activity was based on own pavement contracting, from the very beginning the equipment was designed and manufactured to meet practical needs.

Long lifetime, low maintenance cost

All equipment is designed to provide a long service life, which means higher material strength, greater safety and reliability factors, and better materials. Thus, this equipment has a long lifetime and low maintenance costs. Even after extended use, the asphalt plants have a good resale value, which is good to take into account during the investment stage.

  1. Reliability
    The equipment is simple to use, which guarantees reliability even in tough conditions.
  2. High production capacity
    The units are designed and manufactured in such a way as to give a high production capacity. The control and automation system enables the operator to easily adapt their production to local raw materials and the required capacity.
  3. Easy access and service
    Use of equipment is easy to learn. The plant operator can select either automatic or manual control. The most important maintenance points are easily accessible and component selection has taken international availability into consideration.
  4. Easy to move and erect
    The equipment is designed from the start so that it can easily be moved from place to place and erected, without heavy-duty cranes. This is achieved in such a way that the largest and heaviest units are provided with hydraulic legs, which raise the unit into  the working position independently. Necessary smaller lifting tasks can be performed using a light truck-mounted crane.


The group’s history begins in 1973 when brothers Seppo and Veikko Aho set up a company called Savatie Oy. Since this beginning, over the years the company evolved to become the SAVA Group Ltd group of companies. The group of enterprises is still a family business.

Savatie Ltd was an asphalt contractor, and in this context it developed its own machinery and equipment.

As a logical continuation of this development, an engineering works Kalottikone Oy, specialised in design and manufacturing of asphalt plants, was founded 1982. Kalottikone Oy has a remarkable market segment in Scandinavia as a manufacturer of hot mix, but especially soft asphalt (cold and semi-cold) plants. Technologies developed for asphalt, have also been applied to development of equipment for cleaning contaminated soils.