RoadMix™ Remixing

Kalottikone’s RoadMix™ product family has been developed to recycle old asphalt pavement in situ. In this method, Kalottikone Ltd.’s Ecoheater™ asphalt preheater (see below) heats up old pavement, thereafter pavement surface is milled with RoadMix™- equipment. New asphalt and binders are added accordingly. New pavement is screed and compacted in situ. Remixing in situ gives many new life years to the pavement, before the road has to be fully repaved.

RoadMix’ can be used for road framework stabilization as well. This process will improve the bearing capacity and the lifetime of the road.

ECOHEATER™ Asphalt Preheater

Ecoheater™ asphalt preheaters use fuel oil as an energy. Compared to LPG fuel, which is popular in many countries, the local availability of fuel oil in larger lots even in sparsely populated areas is good, and does not require special transportation. Similarly, gas hazards in roadwork sites are eliminated.  Heating cells are provided with an exhaust gas collection system. This method helps to prevent the emission of harmful bitumen fumes to the environment and employee exposure.

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